The best philosophy of life is that of a dog....

If you cant eat it,

If you cant f#%k it

Piss on it!

I am an engineer by profession but I am not sure what it means. I try to be different but ends up in an 'also ran' common type.

Professional Life So far

After somewhat a bright academic life, I went out to this bad world to fight it for my survival. Got a job with a chemical company in the chlor-alkali business. (In simple words that is production of Chlorine & Caustic soda from electrolysis of brine solution.) Job was at Madras - the southern metro of India. More than the routine job I enjoyed evenings of Madras. Movies, music & dance programs was the chief ways of enjoyment. Occasional visits of friends really added colour to the stay.

For better prospects I migrated to National Thermal Power Corporation. After training I got my posting to Talcher Super Thermal Power Corporation in Orissa – a state in eastern India. Like any thermal power plant, it is located a bit (Byte ?) far away from cities & the merry making ways they can offer. I should add that what I miss is somewhat compensated by the virgin, unadulterated landscape. Got married in 2001 - One boy (2004) & One girl (2006). Taking a sabbatical, I am pursuing a post graduation now.


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Reading can be fun to me, at least it used to be! I am used to reading whatever comes my way. Anything from ornithology to pornography is welcome. Though these days my laziness is pulling me back to the other important ‘hobby’ – sleeping. I am inclined to not too deep philosophical books. I recommend "Sidharta" by Herman Hesse for the starters. Fiction particularly the sci-fi ones are another area which I like. Crime thrillers & detective novels go in single sitting with me. I am an all time fan of Sherlock Holmes. The Epics in particular Hindu mythological ones is yet another area I love.

Music is very much dear to me. I enjoy the slower ones with good lyrics. They say music knows no language barrier. I would say I can enjoy music better if I understand what I hear. I am addicted to oldies in Malayalam (my mother tongue) & Hindi. English & Tamil marches behind them.



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