At one point or the other in life, you earn for meaningful companionship. In fact everybody wants to be surrounded by friends most of the time. While you are still in college, there are plenty of them in different hues. But as one progress more into the world by means of job etc, one tend to be away from them. Though friendship gets developed at the work place, because of many a constraints, they tend to be colleagues rather than friends! In my case, the friends I have at my work place essentially comes from the cross section of India. The cultural frame work I was born and brought up is definitely different from theirs! Every culture in its own right is good but it makes sense if you get friends from your own. It is fun growing and learning together when there is a common cultural fabric. The urge for a soul mate slowly shows its head & it is time for me to get into it. After all I have lived half the span of this short life. (One "Purusha aayus" is considered to be 60 years & I am speeding my way into my thirties!) Well, I have found a woman who I believe can lead me from my present boyhood into myriads of adulthood. She is Binu - a calm & mature graduate in Indian System of Medicine (AyurVeda).

We got married on 3rd September 2001 at St.Mary’s Forane Church, Muttom, Cherthala while the whole kerala was celebrating Onam. Incidentaly the day as per malayalam calendar was “Chathayam” - birthday of great reformer of Kerala Sri Narayana Guru. Here are a few Marriage snaps taken by Sudhir.


Marriage Photos





Though the engagement snaps along with the Invitation card bears no value as of now, I am reluctant to delete them!


Invitation Card

Closed View

Invitation Card

Open View

The Engagement Snaps


It is said that marriage is not merely looking into each others’ eyes as the filmdom wants us to believe, but a gazing together in the same direction. We are practising to arive at The common direction!.

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